Earthing & Lightning Protection

We offer wide range of Earthing Accessories like Earthing Rods, Earthing Clamps, Air Terminal,Brass Earthing Tee-Clamp, Brass Ridge Saddle, DC Tape Clip, Rod to Cable Lug Clamp, Test Bonds, Plastic DC Clip, Solid copper earth Plate etc.

  • Brass ArrestorsBrass Arrestors
  • Brass Cable ClampsBrass Cable Clamps
  • Cable Clamps Cable Clamps
  • Cable Lug Clamps Cable Lug Clamps
  • Brass ClampsBrass Clamps
  • Brass CouplersBrass Couplers
  • Earthing Split Bolts Earthing Split Bolts
  • Brass Tape Clips Brass Tape Clips
  • Brass Test BondBrass Test Bond
  • Square Tape ClampsSquare Tape Clamps
  • U Bolt - Rod ClampU Bolt - Rod Clamp
  • Oblong Test ClampOblong Test Clamp
  • Brass Comb Clamp Brass Comb Clamp
  • Rod to Cable Lug Clamp Rod to Cable Lug Clamp
  • Tower Bond ClampTower Bond Clamp
  • Brass Ground ClampsBrass Ground Clamps
  • Tee clamp Tee clamp
  • Water Main Bond Water Main Bond
  • Rain Water Pipe BondRain Water Pipe Bond
  • B BondB Bond
  • Ridge Saddle Ridge Saddle
  • Flat Saddle Flat Saddle
  • Heavy Duty Cast Cable SaddleHeavy Duty Cast Saddle
  • Air Terminal BaseAir Terminal Base
  • Earth Boss Earth Boss
  • Equipotential Bonding Bars Equipotential Bonding Bars
  • Earth Bars With Single Disconnecting LinkEarth Bars With Single Disconnecting Link
  • Comb Bar / Earth Strap Comb Bar / Earth Strap
  • Earthing Clamps Earthing Clamps
  • Solid Copper Earth Plate Solid Copper Earth Plate
  • Earth Plate - Lattice CopperEarth Plate - Lattice Copper
  • Copper Knife Type Copper Knife Type
  • Earth Bars With Single Disconnecting LinkCopper Bonded Grounding Rod
  • Copper Bonded Grounding RodSolid Copper Grounding Rod
  • Solid Copper Earth Rod Accessories Solid Copper Earth Rod Accessories
  • Gunmetal Knife Type Gunmetal Knife Type
  • Stainless Steel Ground Rod Stainless Steel Ground Rod
  • Aerial Rod and Terminal BaseAerial Rod & Terminal Base
  • Holder Holder
  • Pipe Holder Pipe Holder
  • Plastic wire holder Plastic wire holder
  • Flexible Copper BraidFlexible Copper Braid

Material :

  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per Customer`s Requirement.

Threads :

  • ISO Metric, BA , BSW , UNC , UNF , UNEF etc. Any Thread`s As Per Customer`s Design.

Length / Size :

  • As per Custom Designs or requirements.

Finish And Coating :

  • Brass Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.

Any Kind Of Brass Earthing equipments and accessories, Lightening protection and accessories, Brass earthing clamps, Brass Electrical accessories, Brass Neutral links, Earthing Tags, Brass Earthing Terminals etc can be developed & Supplied exactly as per Customer Specification, Design & Requirement.